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What is this strange candy of many colors?


Prop comedy


"I'm straining to not hit you."

Sometimes I draw the things I do in real life.

The People v. Rain


Strikes as fast as lightning.

With all this rain hurricane sandy is dropping, Rain’s popularity is dropping as well.  But since he’s purple, Prince fans still appreciate him.

Hurricane Sandy


Hold on to your square pants because the human body doesn't accustomize well to that form factor.

I’m sure I just went for the most obvious joke there is about this subject.  But for those it isn’t a joke for, stay safe in your pineapple under the sea.

If you smell…

10/27/2012're probably Pigpen.

Pahntz Theef


Gone fishin'

I don’t know what I was thinking while naming him (besides teehee so funny) but this was my character from when I played Tibia.  The original was drawn back in May 2005.

Not quite a cyclone of flavor



I’ll stick to the original, it has more than one flavor I like.

Tinkering about


Playing a good game once in my life is a pipe dream.

Used angry video game nerd James Rolfe as a reference and turned him into Tinker!

Check please, not the bill, just my head.


Dost thou wish to leave with such hasty abandon?

I dunno



My mom got a new car recently and noticed this written on it.  I just don’t get it.