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Joke’s on me


SICK burns.

Also varying degrees of burns.



I guess being lazy should be on there too.

Oops, my nectar.

The short list


I think I've drawn quite a few cows too.

I’m sure there is more and I’m sure I won’t follow this list.



Carpenter jeans house a smartphone in the side pocket very nicely!

I actually wore wind pants and anything with crazy designs on them as a kid.  But as I got older I had to CONFORM TO THE OPPRESSIVE JEAN STANDARD.  Turns out having tons of pockets is still helpful though.

Inky faker


My keyboard didn't have ctrl and z, and the program I used didn't have an undo, what are the odds.

Oh no I made a simulated mess!

Pothole weather


No motorcycles allowed.

The snow was just keeping the holes filled.

I need a hero


Six dollar half a foot loooong.

I saw the movie a few weeks ago but I didn’t even make the hero and “Hiro” connection until just now.

Rescue girl


Time to be a partial genie.

Completed and made par time in every level in Mighty Switch Force 1 and 2.  The world is saved.

DNA lollipop


The only flavor it comes in is gross.

Satiate an appetite the size of a dinosaur.

Popcorn chik’n


Hmm, not quite cooked.

Doesn’t matter how it’s presented, I eat a lot of chicken.