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Halloween attire


and a bib with his face on it.

When I was Dizzy Devil for Halloween a million years ago, part of the outfit was a pair of black plastic pants.  At least the mask made sense.


Prove yourself or whatever


Act, ditch.

Jerry go away.



My child uh... whatever.

Knows what’s best for you.  Wants to borrow money.  Needs a ride.

Brownie point


According to their level, they're only half full.

Long story short, there was a sharpie in the men’s room at work, but someone had used it like a dip stick.  A butt dip stick.

Happy bornday


Get name wrong on cake. Check!

It’s my bro’s birthday so I gotta go through the motions.

Water success



I had to stock some case water, and while it was tedious, I figured out the most efficient way.  Otherwise you have to reach around the jug into the box to get at the handle.  It’s not 100% since sometimes a jug will get packed differently from the rest once in awhile.

Mister large cranium


Kind-of-a-lot of frog head.

I sketched out a Mr. Bighead from Rock’s Modern Life then looked up a reference, and was pleased with how close I was.

Stock woes


Good thing I don't really care.

Just in case we sell out of this pickled prune and banana slurry mix I guess.  Since there is also twenty cases in the backroom.  Also the shelf can hold only four but the case holds eight.

Fun supposedly


King-size; *loudly wrinkles forehead.

My fun measuring scale is going haywire.

You have no bombs?


But not the justice card.

Have some bomb-able rocks!  The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth electric boogaloo can be such a card sometimes.