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Charge failed


Now I have a new and younger one.
Poor phone charge cable, it worked hard it’s whole life.


Winnie’s morning


Tastes like cheese... ew.
I’m not sure if werewolves have mornings though.

Haunted bowling ball


Boo... 7 10 split.

Hairy wash


Specifically hair.
The cats jump from the sink into the window sill and leave behind all that is cat.

Summer cleaning


Never let the dust bunny make your computer run funny.
It wasn’t so warm this morning so I gave my computer the ol’ dustaroo with the air can. Made a nice pile.

You win this one


I need an ice torch.

Just when the game gets you used to torching slimes it goes and throws a fire slime at you.

A red christmas


If it already isn't, Red Christmas is a good movie title for an xmas slasher.

We seem to have inadvertently bought way too much red wrapping paper.

New year, new things


It's doesn't run THAT hot.

Upgrading my computer is always a blast, everything that can go wrong does, but the fire is exaggerating.

Feelaton King


I have a bone to pick

Looks like skeleton king is out, wraith king is the new hot(undead)ness.



The auction house just sponsors me shut up.

Was cleaning up an old hard drive and found this gem.  It was drawn to point out an guild mate’s undead warrior auction house hero.  This was definitely around when Burning Crusade was out, my hunter had that axe for a bit.