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Shoo shoe


Silent Shoe:  No squeaks for your sole.
I go through shoes like crazy thanks to my job, and now I’m walking outside for many hours.

Stabbin’ meat


I guess it's bad for me.
Somehow a package of honey ham cut and bruised my knuckle.



I try to replace them twice a year.
I go through tons of socks from moving around way too much at work, better than getting holes in my feet.



Sequentially misspelled.
People misspell things a lot at work. Gorcery and gocery were some highlights today.

Hangin’ nail


I can't keep a normal middle finger nail to save my life atm.
Work seems to be really messing up my fingy nails lately in general.

Mass production


One would stay home anyway to draw more, so I'd need six.
I get told about how people wish there were five of me at work, but it’d just be weird.

Auto pilot


I think I worked last night.
Thanks for the doing my dutyness of yesterday for so long, I was on auto-pilot last night. I draw myself sleeping a lot.

Free time


Who needs money anyway.
The place to check schedules is down a lot of the time or doesn’t work quite right.

Towel skittles


Lemon towel is worst towel.
So many new towels, so many slight color variations compared to originals.

Vertical orange


Blue is small time.
Need a huge ladder, get an orange one.