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Crazy Legs


Insane Appendages, Mad Marshwalkers, Not Right Left n' Rights


Rocket Cart


aka Ankle Biter

This is the unholy device that struck my head and caused me to get 2 staples (well the top shelf).  As the title suggests, we call em rocket carts.

Whoopie Costume


Sit on me!

I saw the words “Adult Whoopie Cushion Costume” on a box of freight the other day and I can’t imagine it being much more dignifying than this.  I decided not the emphasize the “adult” part of it because that would be confusing and worrisome.

Level Map


None of these platforms would ever fall I'm sure.

When I got magazines like say, Nintendo Power, Sega Visions, or Game Players Strategy Guide, I’d be giddy over things like this.



Woodchips, all up in my knees.




If I recall correctly, a similar sub-zero was the second drawing in my elementary school 1 subject notebook (circa 3rd-4th grade).  I was just thinking about how I can’t find it; kickin’ picture of a brood from x-men 2: clone wars in it.

Vampire Mirror


Brought to you by The Werewolf Day Spa Association.

The Butt Percentage


So X represents the constipation variable?

Another oddity I uttered at my Uncle’s.  I think it really would have been 150% but one person was constipated so it worked out.  Weird thing is after coming up with the concept of this I fought a boss in Silent Hill Homecoming that reminds of it.  Also weird is THE ENTIRE DRAWING.

Let them eat cake.


Chocolate syrup all over my body.

One of my stranger quotes from my time spent away from home for the antique show.  I got weird looks.

1950’s Coca Cola


Fine I'll drink coke, stop smiling at me.

Yes I counted 34 of these at the Madison-Bouckville antique show.  I should have just bought one.  I started looking at prices sometime after 15 and it ranged from 20$-95$.  Someone had 7 and was charging 30$ for each.  Oh well, I’m sure they’ll be there next year.