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The Third Nightmare


or maybe it represented my "mummy" washing my socks for me

The nightmare part was the buildup of nearing the sarcophagus/coffin.  Stealing my socks is just the nightmare icing on the nightmare cake!

Another Nightmare


Everything I know is wrong!

THIS nightmare made it so I was uncomfortable playing FPS’s like Doom, Wolf3D, and Duke Nukem3D at night for awhile.  Childhood is so weird sometimes.

Super Time


Definitely wasn't prophecy, I am no stallion... then again, I ran from it.

I had a nightmare as a child(of about 8-10) about a horse on a wooden board with wheels.  He said the above line then chased me down this sewer-esque area doiin’ loops and stuff along the way.  There are still a couple more I remember for some reason.

Eat me, I’m good for youuuu


or else he'll eat yooooou

Weird Potato


Ideas, spuddering.

Misshapen Apple


An apple a day makes the draw day e-zay!

Mike’s Dragonball Z/GT page


Under construction.GIF

A faithful recreation of my “banner” from my old webpage.

Mario Super Mario Mario Brothers


The Mushroom Kingdom Paradox

R-E-C-Y-C-L-E Recycle


C-O-N-S-E-R-V-E Conserve

I asked my brother what to draw and he said draw yourself taking out the recycling.  The end!

Fun 4 kidz


An unholy McNightmare