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A Rugrats Afternoon


My neck is feeling thin today.

Younger Drow Ranger


Drow Ranger, not a drow, possibly a ranger.

Complete with the frost spikes hairstyle; buy it now in the steam workshop if your into that.  The marks on the right arm are from the lack of a wrist guard, not, “lyf sux n stuf” cuts.  I thought it was a cool idea or I just didn’t feel like drawing another gauntlet.

The long-haired version is over on my deviantart:

Say cheese and not die


Our cheese photographers don't ask them to "Say human!" C'mon now.

Mists of Pandaria patch


waitingforps3games . jpg

Well… I AM only paying 17 bucks a months for hospital care, what did I expect?  Warning:  Topless skeleton.

To yes, or not to yes.


You hate this comic, right?  Or no?

Maybe it’s more obvious to others, but when someone adds “or no/not” to the end of a question my brain goes bloop.  I guess I could just say “I do/don’t” but I just thought of that now.

Now you’re crackin’ with gas


Et tu, carbon dioxide?

Nintendo 64


*Not to scale

Fired up the ol’ N64 to play some Banjo Kazooie since I’m easily influenced (game grumps).  The controller is still so fascinating.

Dragon my feet


Why couldn't I have gotten the wings instead.

Vacation is over, back to work.

Using my noodle


Feeds a family of one.