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Ending in a draw


Winner decided on who the judge likes the best.

I picked up sketchbook pro 7 since it was on sale and all, so I’ll have to test it out over the week and decided how it stacks up versus paint tool sai.


Legendary chicken phoenix


Don't worry, he'll be reborn... and delicious.

I like my food a little burnt, chicken wings being one of them.

It’s a livin’



My holiday work schedule has been surprisingly lax.  But that just means I’m used to having all these days off and would love to keep it that way.  Seems to go back to normal soon, oh well.



Go storm puffuna!

Now with color!

Shantae + Rosalina

Ooo shiny


I think I need some assembling.

I got some fancy led desk lamp, it’s sitting on a chair I need to assemble next to the desk I need to assemble.

My new desk


All pieces accounted for and the glass top isn't broken yet.

Too dark in my room so it’s leaning against my wall unassembled.

But considering how much work it was unpacking it and cleaning up the styrofoam, the hard part is done.

A nice bow on top


A set of arrowheads, thanks?

My gifts are mistaken as threats I think.

Creature stirring


Want do I want for Christmas?  Mouse anatomy knowledge.

Of course it’d be a mouse.

Snow bro


Check that popped coallar.

Snow bro skips leg day.



Pretty sure those are stink lines.

I could just search for “how to wrap a present” but then all the charm of my weird xmas wrapping jobs will be gone.