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Like M&Ms, but with caramel.
The new caramel M&Ms are pretty nice.

Sound of the day


Fancy to the max.
The sound of the last bit of coffee spraying from a Keurig.

Cereal thriller


There's a peanut butter flavor too which I've never had milk taste like that after any cereal.
The only milk after cereal I’d drink a lot of would be chocolate so I might as well just get Nesquik.

Totaled mouth


Guess I won't taste anything for a day.
Pizza rolls are fun once in awhile but even when I try to gently nibble away when they’re too hot, I get molten “pizza” everywhere.



Sequentially misspelled.
People misspell things a lot at work. Gorcery and gocery were some highlights today.

Painful existence


Tastes like the world's most generic gum and lemon.
Those character popsicles with the gumball eyes never failed to amuse.

Big mug feels


The strain on the wrists is worth it.
Big mugs make drinking the same coffee better somehow.

Barbell double lollipop of mystery


Tastes like every other mystery flavor somehow.
Double the lolly, double the potential for sticky hand syndrome.

Mini sins


Tiny spirals in my maw.
Mini cinnamon rolls are pretty nice.

That’s my jam/jelly


Plastic fades though, sorry Party Zone.
We still have these old glasses that were once jelly jars with dinosaurs on them. Not dropping glass things really extends their lifespan.