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My timeline


Payne, to the Max.
Stein? Stain? No, just pain.


Booky the book


and a rainbow.
I don’t remember much about Reading Rainbow but I know it had books.

Cake dream



My alarm took fifteen minutes to wake me up because I was deep into sleep dreaming about dessert I guess.

Advanced Dungeons and Dying


My life needs new dice.

Played some game in some castle where some monsters and traps had their way with us.

Analyzing annelid


Thanks zoology class.

Chickens with Dickens


A clucking good read!

Gotta have somethin’ to do when you’re cooped up all the time.



Don't make me fight you.

Played through the demo of Undertale, I enjoyed it.  Toriel loves snails it seems.

My little Delphox can’t be this etc.


Baka Greninja!

I finally got a pokemon game after about a fifteen year hiatus (pokemon x).  I was one of those kids with a blue and red gameboy pocket, link cable, and pokemon blue and red.  Unfortunately my copy of red and the gameboy are gone thanks to a kid I knew in high school who I let borrow it, thanks Richard.

Anyway, drawing is from a request to have Delphox and Greninja here in a pose from a manga novel cover of Oreimo.

Little black book


Wait there's one entry, my cellphone number.

I don’t use the book category enough, here’s me trying really hard at it.  In my case, my little black book would be full of stupid little doodles.

About 50 cents


and the occasional puppy poster.

I don’t know if it still goes on, but we got kind of a catalog during elementary school you could order books and stuff from.  In my case I always wanted the posters they had and in most cases they were cat-related.