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The twelve hour sour


I looked way more unshaven than this picture indicates.

I went into “The Event” not knowing what I was doing.  So they send me to site to store to hand out the one hour guarantee merchandise along with a few other things eventually.  I stood around in the same spot for the entire shift, usually saying no we don’t have the 178$ laptop or layaway is not open until 8am.  Overall, not too eventful.

In video game news, the 250gb ps3+last of us+arkham origins sold out, the ps4 sold out REAL quick, and still had about 8 xbox onesies.


Kitty ranger


But cats like lying in the sun, not the forest's shade.

Welp, dota finally has a cat-girl cosmetic set.

Thursday is the new black


Oh boy, an Element brand TV!

All of Walmart’s “good” sales are at 6pm and 8pm today.  Which means the second half of my twelve hour shift is going to be super boring.

Toilet musings


Doo Re Pi...

Like bananas, I’ve drawn a few toilets in my time.  Especially ones regurgitating puns.

Purse-owner 4: The Ultimate in Mayonnaise Arena



Tried out some Persona 4 Arena with the ol’ arcade stick, felt good (like mayonnaise).



I'm so anime it hurts to live!

Legend of the MK Special was my biggest RPG Maker game (besides The Weenies) and besides being a weird name, the art style in the game influenced mine a lot.  My main influences back then were probably that, Dragonball Z, and Tenchi Muyo.  It’s also probably where I developed a fondness for drawing/editing pixel stuff.

The old (abandoned) RPG Maker angelfire site my friends and I had is still around too:



The auction house just sponsors me shut up.

Was cleaning up an old hard drive and found this gem.  It was drawn to point out an guild mate’s undead warrior auction house hero.  This was definitely around when Burning Crusade was out, my hunter had that axe for a bit.

Come get your lumps


"It's surprisingly heavy!"

Swiper no swipe


Oops, I mean "Oh maaaaaaan!"

Galaxy destroy button


Now where's the time rewind button... no hurry.

I just upgraded my phone having been eligible since last year.  I still have a few kinks to work out.