Category Breakdown

Just for clarification purposes:

Animal:  Post contains use of an animal (in most cases, probably a cat).

Anime:  It’s like one of your japanese animes!  Whether referencing one or the style is heavily influenced by it.

Book:  Post references a book or an author.  Haven’t used this one much (maybe a Michael Chrichton mathematician joke someday).

Cartoon:  Post contains image or reference to a cartoon (that isn’t anime).

Childhood:  Post relates to part of my childhood.  It could be something that actually happened to or during it (possibly shaping the way I turned out).

Comic:  Post consists of two or more panels.  Also could be referencing characters or concepts from actual existing comics.

Concept:  Post has some drawing that is either in progress or ideas I may use later.

Doodle or Die:  Drawing from the draw-tag website

Drawing:  Pretty much every single post besides my very first one so far.  It means I drew or manipulated some sort of image.

Food:  It has got some good (or not so good) eats featured.  Seems to cause the most views on the blog too (besides people searching for “martian queen” and “mystique naked”).

GIF:  Animated in some way. 

Movie:  Reel reference for real.

MS Paint:  Another number heavy category.  This means the drawing was drawn exclusively in MS Paint (or just Paint I guess).

Music:  Refers to a musical artist or music in general.

Pun:  The highest form of humor.  Whether it’s word play, in-jokes, or metaphors, I got tons.

Real:  The post was created by actually drawing something on paper or exists in a physical way.

Requests:  Drawings made by request, usually from picking one in a draw thread.

Scenic:  Pretty drawings with like, clouds and mountains… and a sun in the top-right corner.

Seasonal:  Drawing was made during a special time of the year.  Like drawing Santa in a December post or complaining about the heat March through August.

Self:  It’s got me!  Usually a caricature but yes I am tall, skinny, and wear glasses (but my eyes do show through them in real life).  People do say I’m funny but looks aren’t everything.

Stick Figure:  It’s got them stickmen in it.  It’s all I drew for awhile.  The battles between the 3-hairs and 2-hairs were legendary (of course a 3-hair has never died).

Strange:  Post makes little to no sense or I found it just plain weird (maybe both).

Tablet:  The drawing was either made entirely with a tablet or just parts of it (writing words with a tablet is way easier).

Video Games:  I play a lot of games and I draw a lot of games.  May reference some CEOs or companies too.

Words:  Post has what these are in this post.

Work:  Has to do with my job(s).


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