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Important selections


Sometimes it's just crumb luck.

I really like the cinnamony crumby-topped donuts, so I just want to get the most crumb for my buck.


Back to the norm


Oh, my pizza.

The backroom is usually in pretty rough shape around the holidays.

Black cryday


I'll show you all, by not coming in on my scheduled day off!

I was super bored all night during “the event.”  I swear I spent three hours stacking, restacking, and moving sheet sets.

Pulling all-nighter


Can't wait to do it backwards tonight.

Setting up for black Friday or “the event” meant pulling over a hundred pallets to various locations.  A lot better than actually being there during the thing.

Shower kombat


There's a large man with a hammer in there.

Something I said a lot as a small one.  I just think it now.  For whatever reason I took the beginning of the word “shower” and pronounced it differently so I could rhyme it.



I held up my hand and traced around it.

Working in retail makes it so schedules for certain seasonal events need to be shuffled around.

Binding of Tomatoes


Step 1 to make this game appropriate for all ages.

Tomatoes or blood?  That’s what I heard yesterday from someone as I was playing Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

DQ Slime quest


Maybe I should get a helmet too.

November pain


Who needs holidays anyway.

Got a ten day work week so far, yay retail.

A grizzly accident


It's a bit different from my shriner car.

It’s rare to have to brake for a bear around these parts, but how rare is it for a bear to brake for a human?