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I got a buzzcut again btw.

Got the proper ending in Cave Story+ after some trials and tribulations.  Felt pretty good blowin’ up hate made flesh.


Moonlander 3.1


Ohhhh, it's pronounced "neck-oh" not "knee-ko."  Silly kitty fell asleep.

One of the first computer games I played on a pc running Windows 3.1.  I killed a lot of astronauts.


The bacon bomb


It looks like some horrible monster... grinning at me... plotting...

With the antique show approaching, memories of bacon bombs dance in my head.  A heavy sandwich of italian sausage wrapped in bacon, smothered in BBQ sauce, and served in a kaiser roll.  No one could finish it but me, but it probably would have been easier in an air conditioned room with seats.

Couch potato


Such a spud

Well now that the more obvious pun is out of the way, less potato-themed drawings will resume.

Potato gun


I assume this is how banks were robbed in cowboy days.

I ate a premade, fully loaded baked potato recently and made a bad joke afterwards.  Then I drew that bad joke after that.

The potato was good.

Plus a story in a cave


Feel the soapy sting of my bubble gun!

Now that I finally got the platinum god achievement in The Binding of Isaac, I can move on to other things (other video games).  So I started Cave Story+ and I’m havin’ a good time!

Pacific Rim


That looks CG'd

Saw Pacific Rim last night, it was cool.

Half moon pie


Full moon deliciousness



Caw caw

Reaction to a Smurfs 2 movie


Smurfin' smurfed smurfer smurfs.