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Put yer fist inside


I don't like how they sound unsure of themselves.

I’ve never owned a pair, I was more of a Nerf or nothin’ child.


Phoenix surmising


Soon I'll burn out and be reborn, then I'll react again.

From a “make this reaction image with this character instead” request.  A bit more challenging considering dota 2’s Phoenix doesn’t have much of a face to react with.

Asuka + Samus 4ever


Do metroids have anything to do with instrumentality?

Crossover requests can be fun!

Ronnie time


Don't give in to the monster's temptation!

I enjoy how-to-draw thingies and monsters, so the new Whomp! was just perfect.

Lemon ‘rang pie


Pfff, that looks nothing like a pie.

It tends to come back up after ingesting.




I stumbled into an Adventure Time draw thread and maid BMO.

A frayed


A fray of hope.
I have this cord ripping action going on with my tablet’s usb connection thingy.  I don’t quite know how it saw so much action that it did this but fortunately I realized I could buy a new cord instead of a whole new tablet.

Fruit lutes


Follow my prose!

The cereal loops all taste the same so the musical instrument versions must all sound the same.

Orni-chan and Smoughe’


I need to praise the sun so hard.

I’m pretty late to the party but Ornstein and Smough are two big meanie-heads.

Dragon Bow Archers


Just wanted to check out lower Anor Londo really fast-like.

I got everything pushed in by these arrows in Dark Souls.