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The secret of the mana


Back to Flamie I go! ~Prophesy~

The ultimate 2-player game I remember fondly, especially the music.  That ceremony, that boss theme, that dark lich music; it made me feel some kind of way.

Chain-link letters


You've got sites with way too many gifs!

The good ol’ days of AOL.  I think my first screen name ever was Micke2000 or something like that.  Now that I think about it some of the chat room stuff seemed shady(along with most downloads).  Ahhhh innocence.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Ninjas


Fighting sewer crime everywhere!

Mako rides


Like a paper bag caught in the wind.

Started my third playthrough of Mass Effect Episode One: The Mako Menace.

Skyrim’s mods


More realistic split ends mod?

To be fair there are quite a few that make the game look awesome (which in turn enhances all the nay-nay ones).

Sonic drowning.midi


with giant and appearing out of nowhere aquatic creatures?!

Le Giganto Boisson


I needed an all day drink, good thing it's diet.

Dowsing in the dark


Could you not dowse in my face?

Been playing Skyward Sword, I like it.



Programming your actual VCR just got Ghost and Goblins difficult!

Ancient ruins zone 1


Upon drawing Robotnik's ears I realized I don't think he has ever had ears.