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Hot summer movies


The movie had a lot of not so subtle body language with subtitles.

Saw Hercules but missed out on this gem.


Gee mail


Word does not exist, please close browser and return to school.

Darn these delicious, buttery fingers.

Pizza descending a case of stairs


Dust it off, it's good.

I kind of made it look like a doily… ART!

Ancient illuminati symbol?


It's like a lowercase g at best.

No, it’s a six.  At least it’s supposed to be according to how someone writes them on binning labels at work.  It doesn’t even look like a number when you flip it the right way, what a feat.

Pizza cake


As good for you as actual pizza!

Orange, brown, and red frosting.  Remove red if you don’t like pepperoni.

Free underwear, slightly used


Wait til we get, our staaaaains on you.

Once in awhile someone goes into a bathroom stall where I work and switches out their soiled undies with a fresh pair from a package they opened.  They sat on the floor all night, not one person wanted them!

Uncovering the past


One day I'll find the rest of the floor.

I’ve started cleaning/organizing my “playroom” and discovered it does indeed still have a corner.  Maybe I’ll find more later.

Toilet drawing, can’t stop won’t stop


Just don't accept collect calls.

Sun and thunder


Looks more like a bout sun ray lightning.

July thunder tears your enemies asunder.

I’d rather it be Reyn time


Also does everything normal hands can do! (if they were frozen in one position).

Monado smash!