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Ghostly candy


BOO, you have a cavity now.

Happy Halloween candy stripe ghost.


A dry rain


Mogu pumpkins just refuse to drink rain water.

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do in WoW.  Farming has it’s own special charm.

Edgy edgemaster


What are you most thankful for?  Material possessions.  Maybe I was just a bit of a jerk.

I was going through some old school papers from health class and one was a fill in the blank type thing.  I filled in those blanks, with the help of a dark lord on the blackest of nights.

Boots’ upkeep


See, the cat's name is Boots.

Puss IS Boots.

Friendly foot to the face


Next year will be a dive kick.

Kick off the celebrations!


Not Manhattan


Especially generic looking, still in the wrapper candy.

It being October is a great excuse to eat any candy I can get my hands on.

Mermaid Shantae on a bike


No starfish to needlessly censor things here!  Wait a minute...

It’s not easy to move across land, but the bike didn’t make things much easier.

Harpy Shantae look out


Nothing to sea here.

Spider Shantae stuck


Caught in a web, but not of lies or flies.

New brand spanking


Now who's ready for a brand new spanking?!

It’s the latest craze.