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Pen fight


The real winner is pen pressure.

I like both for various reasons.  Binary tool is nice since it reminds me of pixel video games and MS paint.

Coffee wave!


Thanks Terry Bogard.

Coffee when I wake up during winter is so refreshing.

Frieza hill


No more thinking for me.

That move Frieza did against Goku that slashed that mountain in two… he must’ve practiced it around here when he was weaker.  Or some dudes chopped down trees to put in some lines and poles.



Just gotta not buy all these digital card packs.

Start playing a little Hearthstone.  I do enjoy me a card game, especially one I’m not paying for.

Hyrule universe Steven



Sleep pile


A dream about looking for the autobiography about Chun-Li.

Sometimes I wake up and it feels like I have way more limbs than usual and they’re all tangled up.  Usually after waking up from a dream by a nasty alarm clock.

Albino cat bat


Sleeps through the day and the night.

Physical challenge


Only broke three fingers this time.

Taking the little foil off a new container of creamer is more difficult than I’d ever expect it to be sometimes.

Tunnel of death


Pretty sure I lost the snoopy part.

Death for ice cubes at least.  Even as a kid I thought the snoopy snow cone maker looked like some medieval torture device.

Pac-man Level 3


Powerful, but uses too much of Pac-man's Ki.