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Mom's r tuff.
Mother’s day always triggers the reminder that I’ve been drawing for another year.



Here's to less deformed drawings in the future.
I knew another completed year of drawings was coming up, but it actually already passed.

Hangin’ nail


I can't keep a normal middle finger nail to save my life atm.
Work seems to be really messing up my fingy nails lately in general.

Mass production


One would stay home anyway to draw more, so I'd need six.
I get told about how people wish there were five of me at work, but it’d just be weird.

Buzzy feels


Next haircut drawing in a few months!
The feeling of a breeze blowing on my fresh buzz cutted dome.

Auto pilot


I think I worked last night.
Thanks for the doing my dutyness of yesterday for so long, I was on auto-pilot last night. I draw myself sleeping a lot.

Booty duty


See you in six to ??? years.
My jury duty was just sitting in a chair slightly less uncomfortable than a thin bleacher seat. Didn’t even get called up.

Vertical orange


Blue is small time.
Need a huge ladder, get an orange one.

Hot chip fingies


Snack dust syndrome trademarked by me all rights reserved copyright LLC.
Ruffles flamin’ hot chips are the most nuclear orange-red chips I’ve ever eaten. It took a vigorous hand washing and a shower to get rid of the snack dust syndrome.



As much as I love being awake when I'm usually asleep and getting paid less.
I was trying to remember something I wanted to draw but then the jury summons kind of blew that out of my head, such a hassle.