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Chips and dapper



Got these new “all dressed” chips.  They alright.


Frustration is…


Break the rules of nature by just taking a bite out of it.

trying to peel string cheese, and it just comes off in chunks.

Cat chaps


Cat chaps!

Cat chaps.  In season when your coat has dangly plastic on strings and fresh kittens.

Product recall


Product rereleased to come with scissors and your favorite beverage.

Cats will play with anything but toys you buy them anyway.

Rubber Rake


You can hit your sibling with it at least.

Fall is coming in and the leaves are falling.  Rubber rakes are convenient and completely useless.

Maximum text speed


Long names have never been more dangerous.

Undertale has a dodge the thingies mechanic and it never lets up.

Cat damage



Instead of using perfectly good kitty claws, a kitten decided to jump off a sega game making it fall onto my foot and cutting it open.  I didn’t realize how sharp they were.

Fire school


Not as tsundere as an airplane can be though.

There’s so many different monsters in Undertale.

Break cake


Give my stomach a break.

Cake in the break room!  Maybe I’ll pass this time.

Forearm bomb


Glad to see this world still has its surprises.

Not a wrestling move name, but the nickname that aptly described the length, width, and devastating potential of a human log left in the toilet at wally world.  Maybe “left” isn’t the word… but I almost audibly gasped at its grandeur.  Anyway, gross.