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The basics


Like poetry with numbers.
It’s just math bro.


Dog flight


I guess the string broke.
I had a snoopy kite I landed on our roof a long time ago, never saw it again after that.

Bro hooked


Sweet, sweet memories.
My bro got a fish hook to the face as a kid through no fault of my own.

Hosted by William Shatner


I always thought it was straight up drugs until I wiki'd it.
I watched Rescue 911 a lot as a kid but the only death I remembered being on it was the kid who huffed butane. There were quite a few more.



You T-balled for at least a month.

Tiny sick


Plastic and metal meet again.

I saw it


I need something to slap on my wrist too.
Was glancing at the novelty toys and saw these things I’ve always wanted to pop.

Old stuff


Maybe they were scary.
I was cleaning my bedroom up a little and found some of my old video game magazines. For whatever reason, the majority are missing their covers.

*faucet noise


Really really bad.
I used the Talkboy to record myself a lot as a child.  I had one segment where I was kind of the crypt keeper from Tales from the Crypt telling a bad story.

Clowny nightmare


At least a mummy didn't steal my socks this time.
I remember a few nightmares and weird dreams from when I was a kid. This one was a evil clown face in the bottom of the old Zenith TV’s stand and it sucked me towards it.