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Clowny nightmare


At least a mummy didn't steal my socks this time.
I remember a few nightmares and weird dreams from when I was a kid. This one was a evil clown face in the bottom of the old Zenith TV’s stand and it sucked me towards it.

Tech deck


Check my sick grind marks.
I was a casual at skateboarding and tech deck skateboarding.

Skate break


I used to skateboard quite a bit but now I just watch horrible bails and crashes on youtube.

Cursed cursive


Capital G is still the coolest.
Some cursive writing is vague to me from underutilization.

Painful existence


Tastes like the world's most generic gum and lemon.
Those character popsicles with the gumball eyes never failed to amuse.

That’s my jam/jelly


Plastic fades though, sorry Party Zone.
We still have these old glasses that were once jelly jars with dinosaurs on them. Not dropping glass things really extends their lifespan.

B-man in P-jam


Despite only seeing the commercial about twice.
Bananas in pajamas have forever altered what I think pajamas look like when I need to draw them.

Booky the book


and a rainbow.
I don’t remember much about Reading Rainbow but I know it had books.

Old ball


I think that's baseball.
Finding my old drawings is always fun.

Go fly


Like when I lost my super soaker water chamber in a field for five years.
Haven’t flown a kite in awhile. I think since the time my Snoopy kite’s string broke and landed on the roof. It fell off at some point but I never saw it again.