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AC Moving day


Until bugs eat them.

Having your furniture turn into leaves is probably super convenient.

Door bells


Don't touch any of them.

Been playing Animal Crossing and I’m so paid.

Silent silent hill


Going into debt can be scary though.

With Konami concentrating on mobile gaming and gambling machines now, one my favorite series is pretty much dead.

Bed magic


The ancient art of sleepomancy.

The 90 degree turn trick it good but one time I woke up with it crumpled in a ball near my head.



Obvious puns are best puns.

Hotdogs are done


It's a good mustard crevice.

Sometimes I want food in under two minutes, so I explode a few hotdogs in the microwave.

C. Monster


The Pepperidge farm monsters are much nicer.

Elbow macaroni elbow


Not as bad as spiral macaroni elbow.

Fat stacks


25 cents of Monster was ok too.

The monopoly game is in full swing at Tops and I’ve amassed a lot of tickets.  Of course the best thing I’ve won is a coupon for more tickets.

Back to schoork


Though sometimes it's a bit like high school here.

Sometimes going back to work after vacation still feels like going back to school.  But I definitely prefer work.