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Ken sent me


What's da passwoid?

I played through the first leisure suit larry again after about 18 years from the last time I did.  Thanks to my adult mind I understood a lot more, like what the word naugahyde even meant.


Cool lovings


I call it "chilly red moustache"

There’s nothing abstract about how much I love air conditioning and fans.

Sunny side up


The yolk's on you!

So hot, the egg fries you.

Tenchi Muyo yo


Ladies, please.

Just finished War on Geminar, it was definitely a Tenchi Muyo series.



Tiny green trees!

I remember I used to only want to eat the leafy parts of broccoli with loads of butter.  Now I’ll eat it all, plain as the day it was born.  That’s what bein’ a grown-up is all about.

Doom doom


Doom doom doom doom doom


Touching touchpad


At least I got to draw in a room with air conditioning.

I have an old laptop I recently acquired so I thought I’d try drawing with the touchpad.  Yikes.

Blood blood


I live... again!  ...and again and again and again!

I bought Blood and the plasma pack from Columbia House way back when but with GOG’s summer sale, I picked it up again.  I’m only on medium difficulty and it’s pretty tough (but pretty fun too).

Living in oblivion


They spelled the seventh oblivion wrong on page 68.

Pugna’s a cool little skeleton guy.

Summer tablet


and disfigured hands.

It’s not THAT bad but tablet drawing in all this heat makes for a moist hand.