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Game Grumps


JonTron, I...

JonTron and Egoraptor team up to play video games.  One is grump and the other is not so grump.


Hot Limit


"The King" King

Watery mystery


The mystery of the water on the outside of the water bottle.  Let's go junior sleuths!

I do silly things at work sometimes.

Ha ha ha! You don’t have the sand!


Ramming speed!

It’s DotA 2’s Kunkka reaction image time!  Based on the Charlton Heston, Planet of the Apes movie gif/image when he starts laughin’ it up.

Full body no jacket


and I'm not female?!

The occasion being I never seem to draw entire bodies.  So practice practice practice!

Indie movie ending


Just follow the light of the cellphones that immediately appeared.

Starting storming while we were at the theater and the power went out.  Then it kept going on and off so we just got some free passes to a later showing.

Ugly mug


What?  There's still a drop left in it.

Knuckle Puck time


I'm a faerie dragon you creeps!

Whoooa Mighty Ducks (2) reference.  My second idea was a Goosebumps choose your own adventure-like title, Tag! You’re dead.  Anyway, it’s Puck from DotA, havin’ fun, bein’ a being (gender status: on the fence).  I really gotta change the format of this blog with all these recent images that need to be clicked for a full-size view.

spectre chilling . jpg


Walking down a shadowy path.

Someone keeps posting that thumbnail in the  top-left, but never the picture.  So I just made my own.  Not 100% accurate of course, but I think first off I’d need to color it in the photoshops.

Secret buns


Oh Naga Siren, what are doing.

Pretty huge image.  Lately some people keep posting about how queen of pain (Akasha) from DotA has the best butt… so tada.  I checked tablet category too because the text at the bottom was written with it.