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Bro down


This is the saltiest of salty hoedowns.


Dark castle


How badly do I need to borrow a cup of sugar?



Listen to that engine purr!

A friend asked to see Luna on a motorcycle.  Now I can barely draw a car (let alone a motorcycle with someone on it) but I’m always up for a challenge.  I literally searched “how to draw a motorcycle” and chose the “drawing a cartoon motorcycle” result.



See, twitter could save our lives someday.

Just got back from seeing Olympus has Fallen!

Way too much chaos


Beeeeep booooo

Based on a request by someone who wanted keeper of the light shooting chaos knights instead of his white ponies via his illuminate.  I chucked in a thrilled wisp because CK + Wisp 4ever.

Slime time


I really hope I'm not the weakest enemy this time.

Convenient slider


T-the memes are at fault!  Besides, ps3 has [spoiler]no games.[s/plioer]

Getting Raiden’s butt out of tight situations 24/7.

Scaling scales


I can't weight!

Who watches the watch e-mails?


Increase your watch size in mere weeks!!

I once bought a watch about three years ago and yet the most common amazon e-mail I get always happens to be about their sweet deals on watches.

Snow thank you


I-is someone in here with me?

It’s typical to get snow and cold around this time ’round here but after the nice warm spell we had it makes me sad.