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Inventory control specialist


"Some men just want to watch the world burn."

This cardboard sign was laying on some nutella on a cart of overstock at work and I had a flash of… genius?  Come to think of it, those were probably the store manager’s initials.

Binning is just making a label and placing the product in a bin-like area to be taken out later when it can be stocked.


Visual acuity pertaining to the application of ocular scrutiny


I've seen it all, I've seen everything.

I’ve been watching Genshiken and can’t get over how the chairman’s eyes looked.

Tiny pyramids


Or maybe they're like icebergs, really cold.



I'm also a drinking bird!

Well that was obvious.  I added an eyepatch just because I am a dirty pirate stereotyper.

It’s not ok-cup


I My Me!  Strawberry Eggs!

Needed some plastic filled with coffee for my infernal keurig machine, so I bought some the 11th (It finally shipped the 24th).  “Hey I think I’ll make a drawing out of this” I thought.  I just needed something to take this bitter taste out of my mouth from this travesty of online ordering.

Of course what arrives also fills my mouth with a bitter taste, so I add creamer.  Why can’t I add creamer to my life… and why does reading “fills my mouth” make me giggle?  It’s because I grew up into a man, but still kept my boyish heart.

Pet battlers


My mouse killed a mouse using my mouse.

WoW’s new pet battling system is surprisingly addicting.  Gotta catch ’em all.

Down and dirty pandas


Sweet epic suspenders

and poke’mon battles!  Maybe it won’t be so bad.  Besides, I like achievements.



Shoot?  Stab?  Stab?  Shoot? Shoot and stab!  Stab and shoot?

I was looking through my old drawings from 5th/6th grade and came across this monstrosity.  Apparently it’s a gun with machetes attached to it.

Mists of Pandaria, the 25th


Wait, what life?  Well... I did have to draw one.

I already see a massive amount of achievements needing some lengthy farming.  That with leveling and gearing up, this may take awhile.

I either still like this game or I’ve invested so much time into it that I feel obligated to continue.

I’m anime


First world problems: The revenge

I gotta replace a hobby I guess.  Working and sleeping just take a big chunk of the day, but gotta do both!