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Rabbit Rabbit Redo


As frightening as that Boo I drew yesterday.

Get ready for good luck!

A sort of unintentional remake of an earlier draw day:

It’s hard to keep track of what I’ve drawn with over 1200 pictures on this blog alone.


Apparition salutation


Oops, I meant to scare Mario, teehee!

October’s just around the corner… but a SUPER SCARY ghost might be too!

Two best simpsons


Thheeeee Zaibaaaaatsuuuuu

Two best friends play and simpson references go hand in hand.

1/2 Genie Canon Cannon


Dance AND blast away danger!

Mighty No. 9 and Shantae combine for some mighty fighty half genie, half robot, and half girl hijinks.



Hashbrown induced nightmares coming soon.

Everyone kept not wanting some part of their meal so I did them the honor.

Aw man


Mini panic attack

It seems to be self-appreciation week seeing how I keep drawing myself.  Anyway, please don’t drop fresh TP rolls into your toilet.

An idea man


Well I can't draw this idea anymore.

I usually end up forgetting a lot of ideas.

Kickstart my start


Now where's Shantae No.9?

Finally got around to throwing money at Kickstarter video games.  Mighty No.9 and Shantae are my first victims… to receive money.

Storm before the storm


I think my hair moved.

The stalls are in the corner, that’s one loud call of duty.

The pigening


That cylindrical jungle gym was taken away due to its arm breaker move it performed on some child.

Speaking (or drawing) of nightmares/dreams of days long past.  Another one was a pig in a sun dress and hat chasing me through my elementary school playground.  Not really a nightmare but definitely strange.