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Reverse rainbow


I don't think I've ever colored a rainbow the same way.

It’s like the sky is smiling at me, but it’s unnerving.

Wii Ur fault


Considering the cost of controllers, I need to lower my power level before playing.

I’ve been playing the Wii U mostly so when I went back to an Xbox 360 controller it felt super light.  Thanks for the super buff forearms Nintendo.

My food pyramid


Maybe pizza and cake too.

The street fighter


It's the road to number 1.



2P color

One crazy sandwich


I'm sure they're fine.

Jaw breaking in the bathroom?


It was green too.

There was a jaw breaker still in its wrapper sitting on top of the towel dispenser/trash at work.  I think a public bathroom is the last place I’d want to enjoy one.

Just do it!


C'mon kids, it be mad fun!

I was doing some toy picks at work and for some reason this very straight forward play-set struck me as funny.  As good as the “slap ya mama” spices or something I binned later.

Run Quik


He's searching for his real name.

Creepy animatronics are popular at the moment, so drink your chocolate death.

Scenic Mars


But he really loves Mars in the summer.

Doomguy is suspicious.