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Happy creepy


Killing you in one hit doesn't help either.
Underwater enemies in games seem to be creepier than the game they’re in usually.

New controller


Don't pass the controller bro.
4th party controller.



He runs slightly slower than the average adult.
The quick guy in hedgehog sonic suit.

Name steal


I need more time allowance *yodels internally.
I named my group in P5 after a fictional band in the cartoon Doug cuz why not.

Jazzy anime


My star stats need work.
Persona 5 is pretty neat so far.

Divided I draw


Don't drive or draw distracted folks.
I’ll usually have Hearthstone or some youtube video playing next to my drawing application. I really need to set up a second monitor.

Dino lock down


Free lots with fat stacks of cash.
Hearthstone locking up those poor dinosaurs.

Flame sigil


Slide and slay to victoray.
Trying out the Fire Emblem phone game, it’s fine but it’d probably be cooler if I played the other games.

Atari winds


Maybe because they always worked.
Despite blowing into Nintendo cartridges all the time to get them to work, I never tried it for my Atari 2600 ones.

2B 2Cool


Hours of R2'ing.
NieR: Automata is the neatest game I’ve played in awhile.