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Coffee beach


It's pretty scalding but you'll get used to it.

What better thing to drink when it’s 90 out than hot coffee.  Just steer clear of McDonald’s beach, it’s a little too hot.


Mishearing and jeering


Weird Al's new food album when?

It’s probably just my Weird Al Yankovic upbringing, but it’s what I heard.

Aiming for the middle


At least green wasn't at the finish line waiting.

Seems like who wins is always by a large margin.  So if we can’t win 1st, just don’t be the worst!.

Human cereal?


Mmmm, peanut butteryness.  Woof.

I picked up this new Jif peanut butter cereal and while it tastes fine, it looks a biiiiiit like kibble.

Token thievery


Money money money, is all you neeeed.

Red seems to be top dog.

MK8 sweats


Thanks for the coin.

When I end up in first legit it takes all my willpower not to mess up the most basic of things.  Some things are unavoidable though.

Go team purpred?


Money buys you happiness, and tokens!

Thanks for the red team victory BG Valve.  I didn’t really feel like a winner turning these cards into virtual badges anyway.

You don’t win!


I just ain't dat good yet!

Usually if I end up in first place I immediately think this may happen in Mario Kart 8.

Elfy shoe


Don't step on my green leafy shoes.

Which reminds me that I need to get new work shoes before the old ones disintegrate off my feet.

Superstar star


Too bad he only plays that one song over and over.