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Ancient relics


I played a lot of the simpsons and x-men arcade games.

Drawing more items not lost in time.  This one is a cup I got from one of my birthday parties held at an arcade called Time-out when I was a smaller version of myself.  There was a dog mascot on the other side but that completely faded, the text is supposed to say “party zone.”


Tickets please


The mortal kombat shirts I also got have long since disintegrated.

For a couple thousand arcade tickets I got a thing that you flip over and water bubbles make tiny stars float all around.  That was a long time ago but I still have it somewhere, to remind myself how awesome I was for winning the jackpot at some random ticket spewing machine.

Undercover smother


Take that winter.

It’s cold out there but warm under here.  Not as much breathable air as I’d like though.

Fresh sea prince of bel-air


Fresh crab!

Having grown up listening to copious amounts of Weird Al Yankovic, I tend to make up silly alternative songs.  This one was about the time aquaman had to go move in with his aunty and uncle after a bit of some rough and tumble with two gentlemen while playing some sea ball.

By a really cold thread


No impalement today, yay.

It was about -17 without wind chill, icicles freezing in mid-air weather.

Pallet stacking


I do grocery picks A LOT.

I have to stack freight on pallets a lot at work so I have a way in my mind about how it should go.  I do grocery most of the time and this is the base for aisle 6/7 (pasta/spaghetti sauce/canned vegetables).  Got big rectangles for stuff like ragu sauce cases, smaller for vegetables, longer(small and big) for 8 case quantity sauce/applesauce/longer pasta boxes.

Then it’s just building on top of that and interlocking near the top to pass to ever so sacred bump test.

Budget visual novel


Like that time he went home or sat next to a tree.

Follow Stan the stick figure as he navigates his way through life.

Master of one


Legendary without the legendaries.

Hearthstone is fun when your opponent is on more of an equal ground card-wise.

Big pants to fill


Butt designs are big these days.

JNCO jeans are coming back I read.  I had a pair a long time ago that I kept losing my jordache wallet in the caverns called pockets.

Doin’ ’em


Watch out for donut holes too.

There’s no seatbelts on the donut car so drive responsibly.