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The most annoying diet


You're not very nourishing either.

BRAT-y brat.

Dragon fires


Death by toe and tail trauma.

Managed to kill the Ancient Dragon in Dark Souls II, after being set of fire a number of times.

Happy Anubis


Appeasing the dog god.

Prescribed dirt


His signature is also just a bunch of squiggles.

May sours


Also, August.

I just want it to always be fall I guess.

Arm-breakingly comfy


So save the high fives for later.

My brain decides rolling over onto my face and sleeping on top of my arms is the best way to get some beauty rest.  I could barely move my arms for the first 10 minutes of my day.



He has huge guts and guns.

Based on a similar image, here’s Doom guy hold a picture of William “B.J.” Blazcowicz!

Inseparable except through surgery


No tree will stand in the way of our love!

It’s just like one of them animes!  Luckily chainsaw-chan didn’t hit the carotid and the guy lived through this “display of her affection.”

Majula Mallows


If only it would become night time, then this would be super comfy.

Getting pretty close to completing my first play through of Dark Souls 2.  Time to relax by the bonfire and kindle some marshmallows.

Amelia moves in


Feelin' frazzled.

Animal Crossing’s Amelia spawned in my town, I said hi.