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Wake up, sneezeabitandloseallmyfacestuff


Maybe it's just overwhelming power I can't control.
Feeling much better after a little cold but it’s going out with a bang it seems. Maybe it’s just overwhelming power I can’t control.

Light speed feline


It's this or the window.

Foot feels


I'm... evolving...
Too much walking gave me a sixth toe I think.

Didn’t adapt


Time to smurf until I hit bronze again.
Turned out my newer wireless adapter was causing Street Fighter V to run poorly, even in offline mode. I don’t get it. Time to smurf until I hit bronze again.

Sore throat


Gettin' my neck swell on.
Had a tiny sore throat that turned into a slightly sorer throat after waking up. Must be the change of the temperature since I feel fine otherwise.



Harder than a real gun no doubt.
Maybe I was just a weak little kid but the NERF manta ray shield gun was very hard to cock back.

Built-in problems


Less cute when stepped on so I avoid that.
More of that cat stair life. Luckily they’re still cute.



Hope it choked on it.
First sign of warmth and a mosquito comes back to immediately destroy my hand.

Paper airplane cheesecake


The paper that is.
A light dessert. The paper that is.

Ice cream float


It's time to stop.
Or, ice cream tub.