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Candy cornball


Especially the weird solid color ones.

Somehow it’s way more unappetizing.




It's like a beautiful, edible angel.

Nothing reminds you the holiday season is upon us when you receive about ten pallets of christmas candy before halloween has even gone by (if you work in a backroom).  Oh well, green boxes instead of orange now.

This is madness


Somehow being out of perspective makes the game more difficult!

Back when I was a younger version of myself, I would rent video games from either Blockbuster, Wegmans, or the local video store.  Marble Madness was one of the few I vividly remember, and it kicked my butt back then.


The Woolie hole


Ewww, this hole's all sticky.

Mr. Woolie referenced Amigara’s fault in the Two Best Friends’ Illedefonse video.  So I had to edit this scene from that manga.

Kooky cake


Get a DOUBLE cookie for twice the price AND sugar coma!

It’s my bro’s birthday so bring on the fried chicken and cookie cake!  Actual cookie cake is way flatter and I’m not really sure it’s called that (whatevs, it’s a giant thing from great american cookies).

Beary long legs


I don't have claws or teeth, so I gotta choke the stuffing outta you.

My elementary school used to have this christmas shop-like store setup appear once a year so you could buy some gifts for whoever for the holidays.  They even asked who the gifts were for to make sure you weren’t getting them for yourself.

I totally bought this bear for myself.  His hands are sewed together so he can do that pose, but I just used it to make him choke out my other stuffed animals or dance.

Little black book


Wait there's one entry, my cellphone number.

I don’t use the book category enough, here’s me trying really hard at it.  In my case, my little black book would be full of stupid little doodles.

Don’t harsh my ssssstyyyyle


"I think you broke your hand bro."

I did the whole, buy a madcatz arcade stick and replace it with sanwa parts thing.  The learning curve has been somethin’ else after all these years of using a normal controller.

Pool freezy


Oh saddle turtle, you so sad.

Snow’s finally in the forecast woohoooo.

The wishes three


Squandered I say!

Painstakingly recreated from an old poster about me from elementary school I still have.  Little did I know school eventually ends, and all the money in the world would easily buy all those sega games.