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Nowhere to hide


That bush is watching... judging... I think he's in with the clouds.

“I should be safe under here!”


Water monopoly


I don't remember the last time I had to draw the cents symbol.

Oh boy, I landed on waterworks!

Chunky pupples


oof oof



First time drawing a jock, awww yiss

That last one’s a stretch.



I'll be back!  I need the XP.

The best way to run away in Shining Force!

PVC dreams


Bet your sharingan didn't see this coming.

I have this little Kakashi gashapon that started to develop a lean, and is now finally just laying on his face.

Plumbing’s NOT the game


Where's my wrench power-up Nintendo?

Despite being plumber, Mario sure does do a whole lot of not plumbing.

Worms 2 online


Falling away from me, falling.. away from me..

I drew the acrophobia experience earlier:

Now playing worms 2 online was what you’d expect of a worms 2 2p game.  Except the people referred to as “ropers” who would use the ninja rope to push your worm off an edge for some free kill/damage.  It was accomplished by getting a little swinging momentum and releasing it right in front of another worm (it wouldn’t end your turn).  I was ok at it.

Another feature was to use your own custom sound clips which probably didn’t play to the player your against but it was cool otherwise.  I remember using a lot of Korn sound clips so maybe it wasn’t as cool as I think…

I think I played against a Team 17 member (developer of worms) because he had the special Team 17 icon next to his name.  I recall the username having “sephiroth” in it.

Fintom Assassin


I'm looking daggers at you… I swear.

Buncha new cosmetics in DotA 2.  Phantom Assassin’s hat has a giant fin on top and covers her eyes, interesting to say the least.  Oh and of course more hoods.

Hat police


Things get serious when the cap goes backwards.