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Tasty, but a bit pointy.
I feel like having a deviled egg but all I can do is sort of draw one.

New controller


Don't pass the controller bro.
4th party controller.

Buzzy feels


Next haircut drawing in a few months!
The feeling of a breeze blowing on my fresh buzz cutted dome.



He runs slightly slower than the average adult.
The quick guy in hedgehog sonic suit.

Auto pilot


I think I worked last night.
Thanks for the doing my dutyness of yesterday for so long, I was on auto-pilot last night. I draw myself sleeping a lot.

Booty duty


See you in six to ??? years.
My jury duty was just sitting in a chair slightly less uncomfortable than a thin bleacher seat. Didn’t even get called up.

B-man in P-jam


Despite only seeing the commercial about twice.
Bananas in pajamas have forever altered what I think pajamas look like when I need to draw them.

Animal cartoons


Disney mostly kept them in their original animal shape though.
There were lots of humanoid animals in my cartoons and comics.

Peanut utter


Bought at half-off, who could resist.
The amount of peanut butter filled candy I’ve been eating is not insignificant.

Free time


Who needs money anyway.
The place to check schedules is down a lot of the time or doesn’t work quite right.