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Slime crime


So squishy, except for this sweet gold it dropped.

Poor little slime, fodder for heroes beginning their quest.


How may I sweat on you?


The spark caused a fire.

The new uniforms have come to fruition at my workplace.  I don’t think they were designed with people like me in mind because I get super hot and sweaty wearing this collared shirt and a vest.  I should stop moving so fast I guess.

Risk of overtime


So many deaths... so much money.

I beat Risk of Rain on Thursday after 314 minutes with Acrid.  I didn’t notice you could press Y to proceed to the final level… but hey I got a lot of challenges completed!

Taokaka cleaner


Hehe, kaka.

I had a dream where at some point I remarked about a plumber not liking his job.  Someone replied it was because he didn’t have someone like Taokaka as an assistant.  I didn’t really understand when I woke up, but it made sense at the time.

Come to Chokage


Hope I got the colors right.

I hunted for lots of Wolfenstein 3-d mods back in the day but Chokage was the most memorable.  I loved all the fun sound bites.

Meal alternatives


I feel light-headed, must be the excitement!

Because the French fries weren’t too healthy

Cool cat cricket


The smooth, dulcet tones of the vuvuzela.

It’s currently performing a live show on my porch as I type this.

Risk of pain


One of the easier bosses.

Started playing Risk of Rain having discovered I already bought it at some point.  At least I completed Shantae before moving on to it.

Hard at work


Luckily I sleep work sometimes.

It’s been four days so it’s time to draw myself sleeping again.  This time at work since being sick has made me super tired.

Chicken tongue test


I live on the edge.

Bit under the weather, better eat more chicken.