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My orginal work


Non-profit only.
Drew this for u. by me

Funneh thinking cat


Mmmm spaghetti.

Feels like…


Lousy Smarch weather.
The wind is really bringing things down.

Winter blast


In like a lamb, lion visits like halfway through, hopefully lamb comes back.
Good ol’ March. It was sunny earlier but soon about 10 inches of snow will drop.

Backwards tp


In alternate dimensions, people have the opposite happen.
Somewhere in the space between the toilet paper roll and holder was a black hole or something that flips it.

Sleep hair


Time to go soak my head.
The dream could be the most mundane mind adventure ever too.

Spin proc’er


Right round baby.
Feels like I keep going in circles after lunch at work. Literally though, pallets ain’t gonna wrap themselves.

Sponge life


I wonder how many kids swallowed them.
I see those pill-like things with sponges (usually dinosaur ones) inside around sometimes and still remember the slimy pill encasing sensation after birthing one.

Oh hey


Cowinky dink-a-rific.

Chill wind


Not by choice.
Feels like whenever a 40mph+ gust of wind occurs the internet peaces out for a bit.