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Emergency TVs


Well, there's no snow yet.
Dashing through the backroom but with a cart of TVs instead of any one horse open sleigh.


Threatening Mr. B


D-don't tell my parents.
Young and brash teenage bombs always calling establishments with empty threats.

Gotta bin it all


If only there were some specialists that controlled inventory, SCI's or something!
Everything must be binned in the backroom but almost every general merchandise bin is full. It’s slow work reorganizing everything just to stick half of a pallet in.

Post Black Friday whoas


Bales descending a staircase.
Technically, well no, it IS still Friday but “The Event” is over for me and now it’s time for clean up.

Turkey shoot


In your FACE black Friday, even though I fell for your schemes.
Specifically the ps4 being 299.99 everywhere. I got one using my discount card so it is I getting the “phat” deal. All from the comfort of my chair.

Holiday work


Wal-Mart can change days of the week, how powerful is this place?!
I get to go to work early today, get home, then in ten hours, go back for the black “Friday” event.

Early bird watch


Brought to you by Spark-mart.
Since my work schedule is so messed up during actual Thanksgiving, we had it today.



uhn tiss uhn tiss
I don’t know if his name has anything to so with Napster but Blooky the spooky dj rocks out hardcore.



More like, macaroni and SNEEZE.
I like me some mac and cheese but I may put too much pepper on it sometimes.



Delicious feathers.
Set it then forget it, then remember it and eat it.