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*muffled kitten sounds


They love messing with computer speakers.

The kittens are being kittenish and all-out attacking each other without caring what gets destroyed in its wake.  A plant got partially eaten mostly, everything else just needed to be picked up.

Goodness grapeness


Great balls of grapes, on fire.

I think that some drink has the catch phrase in the title, bravo then.

Broken dance


My joints just can't keep up with me.

My job changed to a more physical one and I’m feeling it.

Chicken for dindins


W-what's for dinner?

I may have mislead this chicken.



and colder.

After getting a buzz cut I feel so fast and less wind resistant.

Cup joke runneth


I'm blogging this so hard.
Emptying the dishwasher banter.

Cat dust


At least something cleans up around here.

The new kittens fit in really small places so they usually come out after catching some dust bunnies.

Win sort of


It's like a hobby.

I sometimes buy some Win4Lifes and usually just end up just getting back what I spent.  So I’m winning something for life.

Toilet wand


Best toilet on the block.

The wand chooses you.

No function


Most words are in conjunction with the word awwwww.

We got a pair of kittens and they’re chock full of kitten energy.