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Twenty twelve


And you thought puns were the only jokes I had.


The star reaching for it


He's not much a morning star.

I loved Ristar a bunch when I played it back in the day on the Sega channel.  The ending music was super awesome.

Protector of coops


Don't do it, he's obviously egging you on.

Pre-evolved cookie


I don't care if you CAN kill me in more than one way.

You know how a drawing just comes together so nicely?  Then you wonder why did it have to be this one.

GitS: Stand and Fall Complex


The animatronic band were the culprits all along!  Plus they're creepy.

Uhn “Tis Uhn “Tis


I received two books about puns, forget any other humor these next few decades.

DBZ Kai jumps the shark


If they release a DVD of lost episodes, all is lost.

“Hey lets show the episodes that were normally shown but call them lost episodes since because I said so.”

Wii slim


Oh well, time to buy another gamecube for 3 cents.

Impractical igloo


But I just had to have a sunroof!

Date Mouse


Not a creature was caring, not even this mouse.

For as long as I can remember we’ve had a christmas calendar with all these pouches you move a mouse through to indicate what day it was.  The great debate was whose turn it was to have the even/odd days (calendar only goes up to the 24th).